How to Find Out if Fraudsters Took a Loan Using Your Name in a Particular Bank

Perhaps, each of us knows that fraudsters with the aim of making money go to any tricks and come up with new ways of cheating, which are sometimes difficult or impossible to discern. It is for this reason that the majority of citizens at least once have the following question: how do you know if third parties took out a loan on me without my consent and presence? In this article we will try to sort out this issue with you in more detail and find out possible solutions to the problem, if any.

Where to Start if You Want to Find Out About the Availability of Loans

Can fraudsters apply for a loan without your knowledge? Unfortunately, yes. The fact is that today adventurers quickly adapt to the existing rules for processing credit agreements and do everything possible to impersonate a person whose passport they have found or stolen. There are cases when unscrupulous citizens forged their appearance in order to maximize the similarity with a photograph in a passport, or even colluded with bank employees to receive profit from loans for bad credit no guarantor no fees instant decision issued to a complete stranger.

How to find out in which bank a loan is issued in your name? First, you need to contact the “Credit History Bureau”. This independent organization has the only task, which is the collection and storage of information about borrowers from all banks in the country. To get full information, you need to submit an official written request or place an application on the bureau’s website. In accordance with the current legislation, you will receive complete information on all current and closed loans in just a few days from the time you applied and can use it when you go to court (if necessary). You may need to check your passport for loans in such cases:

  • if your passport was stolen;
  • if you have lost identity documents;
  • if in the near future you provide personal information to third parties;
  • if you used the services of the organization whose reliability is in doubt.

Other Measure to Be Taken

Unfortunately, even if you did not get into such situations, this does not mean at all that you are insured against the actions of fraudsters. In order not to become a victim of fraud and not to expose yourself to financial stresses due to someone else’s fault, you should take seriously the provision of personal information to third parties, and in case of loss of documents, immediately inform the appropriate authorities.

How to find out if there is a loan or not in a particular bank? If you started receiving letters from a certain bank with the information that you are violating the terms of the loan agreement, and you already have debts, then first of all, do not panic. There is a “standard” scheme of action for such cases:

  • You contact the bank with letters received at your address and ask the staff to provide information on the loan.
  • You write a formal statement that you do not have any relation to the loan and require proceedings on this issue.
  • In the absence of an adequate response from the bank, go to court.